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Truth Connect ignites Christian disciple-makers where they live!

Jesus said, “Go … make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).


The church has yet to accomplish this mission in the past 2,000 years. Why? Only God knows exactly why. What we do know is that today 7 billion people inhabit earth and 2.5 billion people have yet to hear the good news of God’s love and forgiveness for sins in Jesus Christ. Another 2 billion have only minimal exposure to the gospel or some Christian influence.


How can committed followers of Jesus Christ reach the unreached?
By obeying Jesus Christ’s command to “Go … make disciples of all nations.” Although a simple strategy, it’s not easy. Making converts will not accomplish the mission – babes cannot do the work of adults. Building big church buildings or worship centers will not accomplish the mission – things cannot replace relationships. More “professional” clergy and missionaries cannot accomplish the task either – there are not enough “pros” to reach the vast numbers of unreached. Jesus said, “Go … make disciples of all nations … teaching them to observe all I commanded you ….”


Making disciples who make disciple is the simple answer to reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, obedient and brave disciple-makers are reaching ethnic people groups, many who live in freedom and many held captive by religious and political regimes. Disciple makers go to the needy wherever they live.


Truth Connect (TC) was founded in 2012 in obedience to God’s specific call to ignite and train disciple-makers where they live. Incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania as a nonprofit, 501(c)3 Christian organization, TC recruits Christian trainers and prayer warriors to go to church leaders in the Majority World in order to educate, encourage, and empower believers to be disciple-makers.

Don and Karen Schreier


Truth Connect was founded by Donald and Karen Schreier to meet a need they witnessed first-hand in churches around the world—a lack in leadership training that included both empowering ideas and encouraging relationships. Truth Connect‘s mission is to connect 1st World church leaders with Majority World leaders to provide training in Bible, theology, and leadership principles. TC seeks to develop encouraging, symbiotic church relationships, and to empower communities through evangelism and relevant ideas that create sustainable economic and health initiatives.


Don & Karen Schreier live in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where they have been members of Emmanuel Church since 1986. Don & Karen are high-school sweethearts and have been married since 1973. Don became a committed follower of Jesus while serving in the USMC (’73-’76). Don worked for a year in a deep coal mine in Jerome, PA. In 1977, Don & Karen with their two small children moved to Lancaster, PA, to study at Lancaster Bible College. In 1986 he completed a Master of Divinity at Capital Bible Seminary while pastoring a church in District Heights, MD. After serving in various ministries, Don and Karen obeyed the call of God to serve full-time with Mission Discovery in 1998. Mission Discovery is a short-term mission agency that specializes in facilitating mission trips for youth and adults.


In 2000 Don & Karen founded HOLD the children, a child advocacy ministry to help poor children in Majority World countries have an opportunity for a better life. HOLD the children facilitates a number of schools and has constructed and operates an orphanage in northern Haiti. Don resigned from Mission Discovery/HOLD the children in December 2010.


Don earned his Doctor of Ministry (Missions and Cross Cultural Studies) from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2011.